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Pain-free Eyebrow Trimmer

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Here to show you the fast, easy, pain-free way to shape your brows!

    Main Features

    • Gently Shape Your Brow without Pain
      Our Eyebrow Trimmer allows you to gently remove unwanted hairs without cutting yourself or using more painful hair removing methods. A pain-free way to shape and groom your eyebrows without needing to go to the salon.
    • Protective Foldable Blades
      The blade, which is so soft it will not even pop a balloon - folding in and out for your convenience. When not in use, the blade can be folded inwards. Once you are ready to use it, simply pull the top portion upwards to shape your eyebrows anytime.
    • Extra Replacement Blades
      It comes with 5 replacement blades. This means when one blade becomes too dull to use, you can simply swap it out for another. Its gentle design allows it to be safely used on the face without leaving scars or cutting the skin.
    • Controllable Handle
      Its handle is long enough to grip with your entire hand. This gives you more control as you shape your eyebrows. However, it is not so big that it will not fit into almost any sized purse, so Keep One in Your Purse for daily use.
    • Do it Yourself
      Removes both coarse and fine hair. The Original Brow Shaper can remove unwanted hair on the chin, peach fuzz, sideburns, upper lip area, cheek, toes, knuckles, bikini lines, back of neck, and many more areas,for instantly smoother skin and for a brighter complexion.

    Using Methods

    • First it needs to be unfolded. Once the blade is upright, you need to hold it at a 45-degree angle.
    • Use short sweeping motions to clear away unwanted hair and peach fuzz.
    • This device can also be used around the rest of your face, such as the upper lip area, chin, sideburn areas, and the upper eyebrow area.


    Features Pain-free 
    Type Eyebrow Trimmer
    Product Weight
    • 10G
    Product Size 13.5cm × 13cm × 8.5cm
    Package Contents
    • 1 × Eyebrow Trimmer
    • 5 × Replacement Blade


    • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.